Award-winning architect and designer from São Paulo, whose trademark is to praise nature and reflect on the use of one of its most precious elements: wood. With a strong influence of the beach culture, Motta repurposes and rediscovers wood – fallen trees, demolition wood or logs found in the sea or rivers come allong to the ones certified by the Forestry Management Council – FSC.

Natural elements applied

Natural elements applied

BUNGALOW 1 SUIT: bedroom and living room integrated, 1 bathroom

total area: 518 ft² (157,90 m²)
indoor area: 173.88 ft² (53,50 m²)
1sf floor deck: 85.30 ft² (26 m²)
ground floor deck: 25 ft² (7,90 m²)
sand deck: 231,29 ft² (70,50 m²)

BUNGALOW 2 SUITES: American kitchen independent from bedrooms, 2 self-reliant suites

total area: 912 ft² (278 m²)
indoor area: 311.68 ft² (95 m²)
1sf floor deck: 144.35 ft² (44 m²)
ground floor deck: 77.42 ft² (23,60 m²)
sand deck: 378,60 ft² (115,40 m²)