We do it right
and we live it all.


It whispers native knowledge, ancestral wisdom.


It’s on the land of the wind that we dream of doing together.


The wind seems to clear the vision, eases our minds and generates energy.

Nothing Else

Transforms the landscape, exposing treasures.

We are simple but not cheap.

It's good, when it's a win-wind

You can be part of Moreias’s unique ecosystem. Barlavento (Windward) is the name of this first stage.

There are 27 plots of land ranging between 6562 ft² (2000 m²) and 7874 ft² (2400 m²). Houses and bungalows have their architectural projects signed by Carlos Motta, Gui Mattos and DEF.

Our project has unique characteristics being self-sustained.
The luxury of simplicity.
Life that integrates and learns with nature.
The awesomeness of simplicity

Everything here was thought for a better life experience for its people, bringing together humans and the environment into the essence of “slow life”. The architect is the head of environmental and social responsibility. Preservation and respect for nature are built in the genesis and DNA of Moreias.

Carlos Motta

Award-winning architect and designer from São Paulo, whose trademark is to praise nature and reflect on the use of one of its most precious elements: wood.

DEF Arquitetura

Architecture firm, operating in the national and international markets, with a strong business vision based on sustainability and social responsibility.

Gui Mattos

Acclaimed architect who since 1987 leads his office based in São Paulo focused on the diversity of each project.

The wind is the first guest


Bungalows are built with as many local raw materials as possible, minimizing the impact of shipping from far away. The roof is made of Carnauba straw. Simplicity without neglecting comfort and elegance. Respect for the landscape, colors and local traditions. Architecture that does not break up with natural beauty.


Our engineering is based on geoenvironmental reports. We use minimal impact construction techniques, preserving local biomes. Water, power and sanitation are designed in a sustainable and circular way.


Fazenda Moreias is isolation and community. The lounge, the restaurant and the kite surfing school are collective elements for exchanges, conversations and stories. You can also customize the bungalow with elements curated by designer Zizi Carderari. And encapsulating it all, the stars.

Choose the Size of Your Peace of Mind
Carlos Motta - 1 Suite

DEF - 2 Suite

Carlos Motta - 2 Suite

Gui Mattos - 4 Suite

Carlos Motta - 2 Suite

Carlos Motta - 1 Suite

DEF - 2 Suite

Gui Mattos - 4 Suite